This reduces 9 errors in your phone-laptop life, this is the escape tips

This reduces 9 errors in your phone-laptop life, this is the escape tips

Batteries don’t last forever. All too soon, you’ll notice your laptop and/or smartphone don’t last as long as they used to. To maximize that (sometimes non-user-replaceable) battery’s lifespan and also get more juice out of it during the day, follow these top ten tips.

10. Use Your Laptop Manufacturer’s Battery Care Tools

Laptop makers such as Lenovo and Sony sometimes offer battery maintenance toolsthat automatically prevent the battery from being stored at full charge, which can make the battery deteriorate faster. Look for a battery or power management utility on your laptop to see if you could benefit and if the laptop is plugged in for long periods of time and can work without the battery in it, remove the battery.

9. Keep Your Phone and Laptop Cool

Few things cause a battery to degrade faster than high temperatures. Don’t leave a laptop, phone, or other gadget in a hot car, make sure your laptop doesn’t overheat, and keep your phone from getting too hot. Making your gadgets last longer is a good excuse to turn on the air conditioner.

8. Turn Down the Brightness

You’ll squeeze more battery life out of your phone by turning the brightness down. Previous tests suggest the difference in battery life between the highest and lowest brightness settings on an iPhone is a few hours. You can automatically dim your iPhone’s brightness with Tasker (for Android too). Dark wallpapers might also make a difference. Brightness matters also when you’re running on battery on your laptop.

7. Use Battery Saving Apps

When your phone is almost running on empty, apps that automatically help you prolong your battery life will save your bacon. On Android, Greenify will automatically hibernate battery-hogging apps (it works best for rooted phones but you can use it also if your phone isn’t rooted). For iOS, you can find battery-hogging apps using the Normal app. Carat gives you battery life stats for both iPhone and Android.

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This reduces 9 errors in your phone-laptop life, this is the escape tips
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