You Can Earn Rs 1 Lakh By Providing Space For A Mobile Tower, This Is A Process

You Can Earn Rs 1 Lakh By Providing Space For A Mobile Tower, This Is A Process
You can make a lot of money by leasing your property to the telecom and toower installation company. Reliance Geo Towers, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, you can rent your property for several companies' towers.
At this time, Reliance Geo Towers is taking a large number of participants. In the meantime you have a good time to provide space for a mobile tower. Today we are telling you how to rent a mobile tower space and how you can earn from it.
Keep these things before installation
Do not contact anyone without authorization to install a tower installation. You may betray it.
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  • Such people are demanding payment in advance. This money is charged in the name of registration fee. Then these people disappear and your money will sink.
  • Based on Section 4 of the Indian Telegraph Act, the companies who have got a license and whose registration is in the Department of Telecommunications, can install Mobile Tower only.
  • None of these access service providers and infrastructure companies take any amounts from you. Mobile towers can be fully installed in freebies. You can contact the company directly.
  • You can also direct direct approaches to companies
  • Companies like towers like Indus Towers, Indian Infratel, American Towers You can approach it straightaway. You can also approach telecom companies such as Reliance Infratel and BSNL. It sets its own towers.
  • The list of those companies on the Indian Government site is unavailable. This is the official website of the company where the landowner can share with his property portal company. The company will see if your property radius is appropriate based on frequency evaluation. If the plot seems right, then the company MoU sign.
  • Find out what type of property and place you get.
  • First preference is given to Forest area property.
  • Other preference is given to the property and public property properties.
  • Towers are not installed in any of the 100 meters of any hospital, education and residential building.
  • Bond paper sign is done with the approval of structural safety, certificate, municipal corporation.
  • Depends on the rent, property, size and location of the property. You can earn up to 8000 to 1 lakh rupees.

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You Can Earn Rs 1 Lakh By Providing Space For A Mobile Tower, This Is A Process
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