Android Smartphone Is Locked? Easily Unlock This Way

Android Smartphone Is Locked? Easily Unlock This Way

Most people use a PIN, password or a lock like a pattern to secure their Android smartphone data. Smartphone users are advised to set the same password or pattern that no other person can guess by opening. Now what if we forget our password? Let us tell you the way out of this problem ... ..

Using the Android Device Manager

Open '' on your PC or phone.

Now log in to your Google account with your phone link.

After logging in, select your device from the list which you want to unlock.

Select 'Lock Your Phone' option on your screen.

Now enter the new password to replace your phone's old password or PIN.

Click the Lock button below

Now go to your smartphone and unlock the phone using the new password to set up a new screen lock.

OK using Google Voice

If you have set up your Google Assistant correctly, you will have to pay attention to the Unlock With Voice option. These features already work on the voice bases of the record. If this feature is on, you can unlock your smartphone by simply saying Ok Google.

By Smashing Users

Follow these steps if your Samsung smartphone will be sinking with a Samsung account

Open '' and login using the ID and password.

Select Unlock's option and unlock the smartphone by confirming your account password.

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Android Smartphone Is Locked? Easily Unlock This Way
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